Giving back to the community with each candle sale

Our Vision is community:
RW is working to positively impact our community by
-supporting and promoting artists
-spreading joy with good smells and delightful gift giving
-giving back to local organizations with each candle sale

Light of Life Rescue Mission Pittsburgh PA

$1 from each candle sold of our Pittsburgh Collections & Seasonal Collection goes to support Light of Life Rescue Mission, a Pittsburgh organization that’s investing in the lives of the homeless and less fortunate in Pittsburgh.

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$1 from each candle sold of our Northeast Collection goes to support We Heart Lives, an organization focused on equipping volunteers to go out into the communities of greatest need in Rhode Island and serve.

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$1 from each candle of our Tucson collection goes to support Caring Ministries.  They collect food from grocers, food banks, and farmers and distribute it where there is the most need in the community.

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$1 from each candle of our Phoenix Collection goes to support Neighborhood Ministries.  They focus on supporting Phoenix through community activities, sports and art.  Taking care of families in urban Phoenix and breaking the cycle of poverty.

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