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how do reed diffusers work

Reed diffusers are becoming increasingly popular as a way to fragrance a room or space without the use of an open flame. These diffusers consist of a vessel that holds scented oil and a set of reeds that soak up the oil and release the fragrance into the air. Let’s take a closer look at how reed diffusers actually work so you can see if they will work well for your space.

The Science Behind Reed Diffusers

So, how do reed diffusers actually work? Reed diffusers work based on the principles of evaporation and diffusion. When the reeds are inserted into the scented oil, the oil is absorbed by the reeds and travels up through the hollow channels of the reed (like a straw). Once the oil reaches the top of the reed, it begins to evaporate into the air. As the scent evaporates it fills your space with fragrance.

The rate at which the oil evaporates depends on several factors, including the temperature and humidity of the room, the thickness of the reeds, and the size of the diffuser vessel. Thinner reeds will release the fragrance more quickly, while thicker reeds will release the fragrance more slowly.

Reed Diffuser Ingredients

What’s in the liquid? It’s a blend of reed diffuser base, and fragrance oil.  The reed diffuser base transforms fragrance and essential oils into high-quality reed diffuser oils. It thins fragrance oils so they flow up the reed more easily and provide a longer lasting scent.

reed diffuser ingredients

Volatile Organic Compounds are compounds that are harmful and create indoor air quality problems. Our reed diffuser formula is non-toxic, phthalate free and VOC compliant in all 50 states, so you can be confident that your reed diffusers meet indoor air quality regulations and they are safe to have around your family and pets.

The Science of Scent

In addition to evaporation and diffusion, reed diffusers also rely on the science of scent. When we smell a fragrance, what we are actually smelling are molecules in the air that have been released from the scented oil. These molecules interact with the olfactory receptors in our nose, which sends a signal to our brain that we interpret as a particular scent.

Different scents have different properties that can affect our mood and emotions. For example, lavender is known for its calming properties, while citrus scents are energizing and invigorating. Our reed diffusers are offered in ALL of the same fragrances as our candles, providing an easy way to have a “whole house” smell or an easy way for your favorite fragrance to be used in many locations.

reed diffuser packaging

Tips for Using Your Diffuser

  • If scent fades, flip reeds for longer lasting fragrance, this will allow more of that fragrance to reach the top of the reed and evaporate into the air.
  • Wash your hands if any liquid gets on your skin.
  • Keep out of reach of pets and small children.
  • Do not ingest the liquid (duh, but also important).
  • Avoid placing in areas where the bottle can be knocked over – my favorite place for a diffuser is on a shelf, it’s a simple piece of décor that goes in any space and allows a room to be fragranced without worry of it accidentally getting tipped over.
  • May damage wood and porous surfaces if spilled – if spilled clean up immediately! Oils don’t react well with porous surfaces so use extra caution!


Reed diffusers are a simple and effective way to fragrance a room or space without the use of an open flame. By using the principles of evaporation and diffusion, reed diffusers release scented oil into the air, providing a subtle and long-lasting fragrance. By understanding how reed diffusers work, you can choose the right diffuser and scent for your needs, creating a welcoming and inviting atmosphere in any space. Check out our Reed Diffuser page for all your fragrance options in one easy place!