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This is a collection of candles that celebrate Pittsburgh.  These are the perfect candles to celebrate the best parts of the city, with a clean, simple aesthetic they will go in any space.  I chose scents that are beautiful year round and will compliment the look and feel of your home – whether it’s a downtown loft or a home in the suburbs.

Also, great as gifts for those who love Pittsburgh as much as you do! Here are the scents and a little behind each candle.

Good Neighbor –

This candle is a subtle nod to one of our most beloved Pittsburghers, Fred Rogers.   We thought the red trolley of the incline was the perfect artwork for this candle.  The scent is a cedarwood vanilla, not sticky sweet vanilla but a fantastic year-round vanilla that brings comfort and warmth.  Cedarwood has a delightfully earthy tone and a strong woody base. We’ve blended it with a classic vanilla and a touch of sweetness to create a fragrance that is both warm and sophisticated. Perhaps your neighbor would like one as well?

The Strip –

The Strip, what a fun place to explore, to eat, to shop! This candle celebrates the Strip and all the fun that goes on there.  The candle has a bubbly citrus fragrance. Mandarin orange and champagne blend with mimosa blossoms and a touch of coconut. Warm amber, vanilla, and sandalwood round out this citrus sensation. Orange essential oil intensifies the juicy scent of freshly squeezed mandarin oranges. It’s a fresh, lovely scent to help you remember your Saturday stroll along the Strip.

Yellow Bridges –

What could be more perfect than a candle with a bridge on it?  Yellow bridges are always what comes to mind when I think of Pittsburgh.  This candle is light and airy (like being on a bridge?!) a lush, botanical fragrance with a touch of powder and sandalwood in the base provide a beautiful balance to the floral bouquet.

Yinzer –

Yeah, we couldn’t resist putting Yinzer on a candle.  Where else do they say such a ridiculous word?! Nowhere but Pittsburgh! We chose the Point for the artwork on this candle, the place where all three rivers meet and the foundation of the city – just like all the Yinzers out there.  Don’t worry though, this candle smells like a Yinzer fresh out of the shower! A sweet and sultry fusion of mandarin, jasmine, and rich amber with undertones of sandalwood and musk – it’s a beautiful scent that will make your home smell wonderful!

Steel City –

You know the sight when you come around the corner from the freeway and see the skyline – it takes your breath away! That’s what we were capturing in this candle, the skyline reflected in the river makes you feel like you just arrived home. The scent is a beautiful one, making you think of Spring and Summer all year long (even in the dead of winter). Green floral notes with a heart of fig and jasmine. Base notes of light musk, wood, and moss balance out this beautiful fragrance.