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The Yinzer Collection – Celebrating the history and hilarity of Pittsburgh’s accent.

When we moved to Pittsburgh, I thought Pittsburghese words were hilarious.  We would take photos of funny shirts or signs we saw posted in the airport, and caution our children against saying “yinz guys” – (this is a mix of Pittsburgh and the southwest slang I grew up with).

As we’ve lived here longer, I’ve come to appreciate it as a language all on it’s own.  It seems a bit like a dying accent. I don’t know too many people who use these words regularly, however every once and a while one of these words will slip revealing the black and gold in their blood.

Making a “jagoff” candle was high on my priority list when starting Pittsburgh Candle Works (it’s my favorite Pittsburghese word afterall), but I wasn’t sure exactly how to even ask for art to be made for these words – what does “jagoff” even look like?  And an even bigger question, what does “jagoff” smell like?

I met up with Luke from Rusty Dog Studio and tried to explain all this to him.  Luckily he had a vision, as well as artistic ability and these throw back cartoon style labels were made.  Introducing the Yinzer Collection.


jagoff candle - yinzer collection - pittsburgh candle works

What does jagoff mean to you? It’s like getting hit in the face with a Terrible Towel, knocking your drink out of your hand while watching the Steelers.

Because the art depicts spilling drinks, this candle is Whiskey Vanilla scented.  The aroma of whiskey is mixed with vanilla to create a warm, masculine scent with a touch of sweetness.

Shop Jagoff candles here. 

Redd Up!

redd up candle - yinzer collection - pittsburgh candle works

“Redd up your room” is a phrase many Pittsburgher’s grew up hearing.  Luke created this art work based on his great aunt Jenny who would randomly show up and start cleaning.

The perfect candle for a clean, fresh home – whether or not you spent the day cleaning!

Shop Redd Up candles here. 

Slow Dahn

slow dahn candle

Remember when a sink hole almost ate a bus in downtown Pittsburgh last year?  Well, we couldn’t resist getting that moment on a label.  This candle is a reminder to slow dahn, either while driving, or just in life.

When you need to take a minute to relax, this is the perfect candle to light.  This fragrance is like a spa day – lemongrass and currant – it’s relaxing, clean and calming.

Shop Slow Dahn candles here. 


nebby candle - yinzer collection - pittsburgh candle works

My personal favorite scent in this collection – this Oakmoss and Amber scent is earthy with a hint of citrus.  It’s the perfect whole house smell, sophisticated, balanced and green.

Nebby may not be how you want to be described as a neighbor, but then again, there are much worse things to be called.

Shop Nebby candles here. 


n'at candle
“And that” – just like ordering dessert at the end of the meal, N’at is the perfect finishing touch to this Yinzer Collection.  Scented like Pecan Pie, this candle is warm, buttery and nutty.  You foodies are going to love this scent.

Shop N’at candles here. 

Looking for the perfect Pittsburgh gift?  The Yinzer Collection has you covered, sure to bring joy to a yinzer near you!

Which is your favorite?